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May 15, 2017
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Bionic Wrench™

Unsolicited Customer Testimonials



Cool tool!  The universal solution to a tool box full of wrong sizes!”


Tom Markiewicz

Guilford, Connecticut



 “After I received the tool, I was anxious to show it to my fellow engineers at work.  That afternoon an assembly problem arose, and I was asked to come up with a tool to assemble connector back shells on one of the products that we manufacture.  The Bionic Wrench™ fit the bill.  I was told to purchase two more to be used on our production line.  Congratulations to the designers of this innovative tool.”


D. F. Mosinski

Manufacturing Engineer

Niles, Illinois



“I am in fleet maintenance at the steel plant where I work.  I brought my new Bionic Wrench™ to work to put into my tool box.  Everyone else was amazed at the wrench. . . I can't wait for the other sizes to become available.”


Leo Compton




“Unique and very well-made tool.  American-made products are always top-notch.  Keep up the great work!”


Mr. Kim J. Le Rette

Ottawa, Illinois



“Awesome tool!  I could think of a million uses for this in our plant. Save a couple for me!”


Jeff Johnson




“I just received the 8-inch Bionic Wrench™ for Christmas. What a fascinating tool, and made in America; fantastic.  It feels great in the hand, and in a limited trial it works well gripping a nut blindly.  I just reached under my drill press table and was able to grip and loosen a nut without even looking at the size.  I can envision other sizes and variations.


“Please, please don't willingly let any more U.S. technology be manufactured off-shore.

I await your next innovations.”


Bob Bozzay

Piscataway, New Jersey



“I received the Bionic Wrench™ as a gift for Christmas.  Excellent tool, solid-feel grip, well made.  I'm sure it will replace my many sockets and other knuckle-busters.”


Bob S.

Western New York



“Got the 8-inch Bionic Wrench™ for a Christmas present.  Looking forward to the two new sizes.”


Jack Efird

Birmingham, Alabama



 “This tool will be the COOLEST.  We will put one in the tractor tool box, one in the truck, and one in the shop.  WOW!


“I gave two wrenches for Christmas presents, and I really surprised my brother-in-law.  He had seen the wrench in Men’s Health and thought it was cool.  He loved getting it as a gift.  My Mom loved hers too.  We kept two for ourselves also.”  


Linda & Mike Lundberg     

New Era, Michigan



“Just purchased the Bionic Wrench.™  It is a really cool tool.  Keep up the good product design work.”


Donald Pointer Jr.

Chicago, Illinois


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