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May 3, 2005



-- Six-Sided Grip Equally Distributes Force, Won’t Slip or Round Off --


Chicago, May 3, 2005 -- LoggerHead Tools LLC today announced the 8-inch Bionic Wrench™, a new type of hand tool that teams the versatility of an adjustable wrench with the simplicity of pliers.  This patented hybrid delivers a mechanical advantage unlike any other gripping tool because it equally distributes force around the workload.  LoggerHead Tools will be unveiling the Bionic Wrench™ at the National Hardware Show, May 17-19 in Las Vegas (booth #LL5566).

Replaces 16 U.S. and Metric Wrenches
The Bionic Wrench™ not only lightens the workload, but also can significantly lighten a toolbox – replacing 16 U.S. and metric wrenches and weighing less than one pound.  With a simple one-handed squeeze, the 8-inch Bionic Wrench™ automatically sizes and grips 16 U.S. and metric-sized nuts and bolts, distributing equal force on all sides of the work.  This eliminates the need to search for the exact size wrench for a project.  

Universal Design
The Bionic Wrench™ is easy to use, regardless of ability and experience with tools.  It can be held with either left or right hands and can function in any orientation – forward, backward, upright or upside down.  Users can tighten or loosen their work with ratchet-like speed because there is no need to remove the wrench from their work between turns.

Outperforms Traditional Wrenches    
The Bionic Wrench™ is the first wrench of its kind to actively distribute gripping force on all six sides of a nut or bolt. When the handle is squeezed, six hardened steel jaws converge and firmly grab a nut or bolt on all sides.  The Bionic Wrench™ will not slip or round off nuts and bolts like other gripping tools.   In fact, it can often remove fasteners damaged by other wrenches, eliminating the need for costly specialty tools.

Whereas conventional wrenches or pliers direct force primarily at the corners of a nut or bolt, the Bionic Wrench™ distributes force equally over all six flat sides.  This is why traditional wrenches/pliers often round the corners of nuts and bolts.  Rounding not only makes fasteners difficult or impossible to remove later but also can lead to “busted knuckles.”  In addition, pliers can also create damage because their serrated edges can seriously mar a work surface. 

Residential and Commercial Applications
The Bionic Wrench™ is ideal for many applications that require turning nuts or bolts, whether residential or commercial.  Around the house, the Bionic Wrench™ can be used for repairs and renovations, automobile and bicycle maintenance, deck building and for assembling furniture, exercise equipment and outdoor play sets.  It is a versatile addition to the tool box, workshop, garage, kitchen tool drawer or auto trunk.  The Bionic Wrench™ also can be used in the following markets:  construction, manufacturing, transportation, utilities, government and agriculture.

An exciting testimonial to the versatility of the tool comes from Professional Racing Crew Chief Dan Binks.  He uses the Bionic Wrench™ at home for oil changes and bicycle repairs because it easily adjusts to various fastener sizes.  He will even have a Bionic Wrench™ handy at the 2005 American Lemans Series.  “We keep a small toolbox inside our Corvette race car in case the driver needs to make a quick fix on the track,” he said.  “At Lemans 2005, the Bionic Wrench™ will be on board just in case.” 

Made in U.S., Available Now
The 8-inch Bionic Wrench™ is made in the United States and is guaranteed forever.  It is now available for $28.95 at http://www.loggerhead or by contacting 1-888-564-4374 (LOGGERHEAD).  The Bionic Wrench™ will be introduced in retail outlets this summer, and 6- and 10-inch Bionic Wrench™ sizes will be offered within the next 12 months.

Commitment to American Manufacturing
While many tool manufacturers are shifting production to other countries to exploit labor costs, LoggerHead Tools is committed to keeping its tools American-made.  “The U.S. has a reputation for manufacturing the highest quality hand tools.  We are taking an aggressive leadership position against the wholesale rush to export manufacturing,” said Dan Brown, founder of LoggerHead Tools.  “While the prevailing trend is to cut costs in any way, our competitive advantage comes from innovative product designs.  We are focused on engineering practical tools that solve real-world problems.  The American consumer recognizes these values.”
About LoggerHead Tools
LoggerHead Tools LLC designs, develops and markets innovative, new-to-the-world hand tools manufactured in the United States.  The founder of LoggerHead Tools is Dan Brown, a Chicago inventor who holds over 25 U.S. patents.  The company’s mission is to continually bring to market, innovative American-made tools that provide superior technology and value to its customers.  The company is developing a series of tools based on the patented Bionic Wrench™ technology. 


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